Aztec's Treasure Feature Guarantee Slots in the GrandPoker Grand Casino

The gold, precious stones, metals and antique objects of the ancient Aztecs remain undiscovered. Safeguarded by the empire�s most furious fighters, this untamed fortune will surrender to the explorer that admits no defeat.
Spice up your adventurer�s luck with dare, and take on the challenge. This mystic quest is sure to deliver you a thrill by guaranteeing you the Free Games Feature will occur within a set amount of gameplay � an unheard of guarantee for fun! So, if you�re ready for adventure, fame and wealth, come and play!

The goal of Aztec's Treasure FG is to line up matching Symbols on the paylines. Aztec's Treasure FG is a compulsory 25 line game. Each payline will be active for every game.

Feature Guarantee

Feature Guarantee assures players they will enjoy the game�s feature anytime before 150 spins (number of spins may vary in the future for other games) if they haven�t triggered it randomly.

Players increase their possibility of an instant feature trigger chance with every spin. Whenever the instant feature trigger chance is above zero, players will be allowed to test their luck in the spinning roulette � if they choose to do so, Feature Guarantee�s bet-associated maximum number before triggering the feature will be reset.